Rapir Ljubljana

Rapir Building

The project was to plan the construction of two-storey clinic, built for private medical consulting. It’s designed to have medical rooms on the first and second floor. On the ground floor there are shops and cafes, and an underground garage underneath. The challenge was to design the construction that is resistant to strong groundwater. Consequently, there are majestic thirty-meter building foundations beneath. The facade is covered with tiles of different sizes, which allows the facility durability and minimal maintenance costs. The specialty of this facility are rooms with the beautiful views on green suburbs of Ljubljana and Gradaščica river just before it enters Ljubljanica.


Rapir object Rapir building

The interior spacing was designed to provide the good working experience – besides everything that is necessary for operating the medical business, every room has enough light and a pleasant view:

Rapir Blueprint

The ground water resistant thirty-meter building foundations beneath the ground were the main challenge of this project:

Building site - Rapir Building site - Rapir Building site - Rapir

Authors of this projects are: Aleš Žetko u.d.i.a., Vitka Frandolič, u.d.i.a., Leni Pernar, u.d.i.a., Mojca Šavnik, štud.arh.

This project was done in collaboration with: Ksenija Blazinšek štud. arh., Ivan Bačič abs.arh., Diana Košak štud. arh., Lea Prezelj štud.arh.