Aleš Žetko, udia

Freelance architect, born in Trieste, Italy

You can get my CV in Slovene language here. For CV in Italian or English language, please contact me.


  • bachelor degree in architecture University of Ljubljana, Faculty of Architecture, Slovenia, 1980
  • master degree (laurea specialistica) at architectural composition, Istituto Universitario di Architettura di Venezia, Italy, 1984

Professional examinations

  • chartered architect in Italy at Architects registracion board in Italy, 1985
  • chartered architect in Slovenia 1997


  • Freelance architect in Italy, 1986
  • Freelance architect in Slovenia, 1997


  • Participation at twenty-eight competitions; awarded and recognized at ten of them.
  • International exhibitions: Exhibition for selection for Piranesi award, 1992 in Piran; Exhibition of contemporary Slovene architecture: Budapest 1993, Klagenfurt 1994, Trento 1994, Udine 1994, Munich 1994, Regensburg 1994, Vienna 1995, Sion 1995, Athens 1996, Prague1996, Jerusalem 1996, Haifa 1997; Exhibition Trieste Bologna, Copenhagen, Ljubljana; Progetti di tre giovani studi europei 2008, Trieste.
  • wide-ranging spectrum of professional activity from project management to direction of works


  • Buildings: more than 90 realized projects of new buildings, adaptations and reconstructions and additional 10 conceptual designs.
  • Interior design: more than 60 realized projects for of public spaces and flats and more than 40 conceptual designs
  • More than 100 direction of works, management, legalizations for domestic and foreign investors.


  • Member of assembly in Chamber of Architecture and Spatial Planning of Slovenia  Zbornica za arhitekturo in prostor Slovenije (ZAPS),
  • President of tribunal for good practice in architecture at ZAPS and
  • Member of executive board at ZAPS
  • President of the tribunal for selection of Slovene representative for European architecture reward Mies Van Der Rohe
  • Lecturer and conferences organizing board member
  • Editor of Italian edition of monograph »Jože Plečnik, Il ritorno del mito« Instituto di teoria e tecnica progettazione edilizia, Instituto Universitario di architectura di Venezia. Cluva edizioni, 1983.

Language skills:

  • Slovene
  • Italian
  • Croatian
  • English
  • German

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